Saturday, November 28, 2009

Climategate Scandal: A Few Thoughts from my Soapbox

Evidence of a conspiracy to fake an environmental crisis of global proportions with false science should not shock many. Those who have examined the science and historical data surrounding global climate change recognize an intrinsic pattern in the geo-environmental system. History itself proves the error of man-made “global warming” or as it is called now “climate change” (they had to change from global warming to climate change because the earth is in a multi-year global cooling trend that contradicts their previous so called scientific conclusions). As a Natural Resource major in college and employee of the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service I looked at the figures prior to and just after Al Gore became Vice President. The raw data at that, along with books like “Earth in the Balance” convinced me against “global warming.” This new revelation should not surprise anyone who is politically astute either. This “cause” has been used by many to promote their political agenda and has been the driving force for many to make their fortunes. Follow the money and you will find a trumped up joke of a scientific theory being used to take liberty and freedom from many and transfer power to a few.

For those of us that believe in The Divine Creator and Living God of the Bible, we know that God has placed a system for us to exist in that is amazing beyond anything that has been discovered. We act as good steward of what God has given us but trust him for our provisions.

Climategate e-mails sweep America, may scuttle Barack Obama's Cap and Trade laws
Climategate Scandal - Cooking The Books On Global Warming Revealed -Washington Post

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