Thursday, February 25, 2010

NewsNote: A Message from Michigan?

NewsNote: A Message from Michigan?

White House Reveals Global Warming Agenda

By Bill Wilson

Word of Life Ministry

The so-called "science" of global warming has been disproved. The Wall Street Journal reports that the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) now admits that data predicting the melting of the Himalayan glaciers in the next 25 years and the claim that global warming was endangering 40% of the Amazon is inaccurate. The 3,000 page IPCC report - considered the "bible" of climate change - advocated sweeping socialistic political and economic changes to counter the imminent demise of the planet. The lead author of the report, John Christy, has since admitted "temperature records cannot be relied on as indicators of global change." The head of the IPCC has now resigned.

In December 2009, Phil Jones resigned. He was the head of the esteemed University of East Anglia Climate Research Center - the epicenter of doctored statistics and emails suppressing dissenters of climate change. Jones recently said there has been no global warming since 1995 and there was more warming in medieval times. The UK Guardian reported February 22 that "Scientists have been forced to withdraw a report on projected sea level rise due to global warming..." They issued this statement to the media:

"We no longer have confidence in our projections for the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and for this reason the authors retract the results pertaining to sea-level rise after 1900."

Even with climate change "science" refuted, politicians remain wedded to the global warming political agenda. The man who occupies the Oval Office on February 18 lectured a group of Nevada citizens on global warming. He said, "I want to just be clear that the science of climate change doesn't mean that every place is getting warmer...The idea is that as the planet as a whole gets warmer, you start seeing changing weather patterns and that creates more violent storm systems, more unpredictable weather." According to the discredited data, this assessment appears to be a shift in "political science" rather than anything supported by scientific evidence. Ever heard of Chicken Little?

The bottom line is that socialists envision a one world order utopia. They believe they can usher in such a government by scaring the unthinking ignorant that the world is coming to an end because of the weather. The man in the White House said so much when he prefaced his Nevada remarks saying his detractors believe, "The president wants to create this cap and trade system and its going to be a job killer and its one more step in the government takeover of the American economy." In this, he has precisely stated his agenda.

2 Timothy 3:13 says that in the latter days, "But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived." Take heed that you are not deceived.

Archaeological findings unveil 1,500-year-old Jerusalem road - Haaretz - Israel News

Archaeological findings unveil 1,500-year-old Jerusalem road - Haaretz - Israel News

The Israel Antiquities Authority and Jerusalem Development Authority on Wednesday unveiled archaeological findings from the Byzantine era that confirm an ancient map of Jerusalem.

The Madaba map, which is made of ancient mosaic, was found in a Jordanian church in Madaba, and depicts the land of Israel during the Byzantine period.

The Madaba map is the oldest surviving depiction of Jerusalem dating back to the 6th-7th centuries CE.

According to the map, the entrance to Jerusalem from the west was via a large gate that led to a single, central thoroughfare on that side of the city, making it the first known evidence corroborating the street's existence.

Until recently, archaeological excavation was not permitted at the site, as it serves as a crossroad in the Old city, and the entrance into one of the city's most popular markets.

However, due to digging in the area carried out by the Jerusalem Development Authority in recent months, the Antiquities Authority was able to excavate to confirm the maps' findings.

Approximately four and half meters below the street, they discovered the meter-long stone blocks that the ancient road was built from.

"It is beautiful to see how David Street, one of today's busiest streets, is actually upholding the ancient route of a road that existed 1,500 years ago," said the supervising archaeologist Dr. Ofer Shion.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mich. Pastors File Suit Against Expanded Hate Crimes Law

Mich. Pastors File Suit Against Expanded Hate Crimes Law

This unconstitutional legislation, if left to stand, could prove to silence true Biblical Christianity. It also has the potential to make everyone who believes what the Bible says is the Word of God into a felon. Conservative Christianity could become a targeted group, leaving only watered down faithless liberal churches in this nation. The true church would have to go underground. What country is this? It is Russia? China? No! This legislation is in the United States of America. A nation founded on and blessed by its Christian principals. Pray that this bill is found unconstitutional and over thrown.

The Olivet Discourse (Summary from last week)

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